In order to provide the necessary support in the teaching-learning process, we make science, mathematics, engineering, and language laboratories available to you, as well as workshops in areas such as nursing, architecture, fine arts, education, office systems, business administration, and more.

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Laboratorios de Ciencia
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Laboratorios de Lenguas

Academic life at university is not only limited at UPR to teaching and developing skills and abilities. It is especially committed to creating knowledge, searching for creative solutions to real problems, making efforts to better understand our world and the universe and fostering artistic and literary creation as well as artistic and literary creation.  At the UPR, a significant part of this work takes place in sophisticated laboratories and important research centers, where graduate and undergraduate students conduct research under the guidance of highly regarded experts in their respective areas of specialization. 

The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus is the only institution on the island certified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, as a public research university. Our campus has the best and most diverse academic offering in the entire UPR educational system.

Our students are recognized both in Puerto Rico and abroad for their artistic contributions, community initiatives, scientific research, creative projects, and athletic achievements.