Applications for Network Summer 2015 Seminars

Applications for Network Summer 2015 Seminars, Summer Scholar-in-Residence and Fall/Spring Scholar-in-Residence programs are now online!  Applications for each of these programs are due on Friday, February 6, 2015.

Seminars will take place from June 8-12, and information may be found on our website at:

Summer Scholar-in-Residence program will be held from June 1-26, and information may be accessed at the link below:

Two summer residency programs offering travel subvention and a small stipend are listed below:

Grimes Summer Scholar-in-Residence program information may be found at this link:

New this year – the Fassiotto Summer Scholar-in-Residence program – to learn more and apply, please see the link below:

Fall and Spring Scholar-in-Residence information can be found at this link:


It is fitting that this year’s FRN National Symposium will take place in Washington, D.C., which has often served as the locus for our nation’s long struggle with social justice issues. From the demonstrations of aggrieved war veterans in 1932, to the March on Washington in 1963, and continuing to the building of monuments and museums, the nation’s capital embodies a long history of campaigns for equity and

fairness. We look forward to welcoming you to Washington, D.C., to continue this tradition by examining what social justice means in today’s colleges and universities. To view the call for proposals, please see the link below:

Please contact our office at should you have any questions