Department of Medical Services

The Department of Medical Services operates under the provisions of Law 101 of the Department of Health for medical-hospital facilities, which defines us as a Center for Diagnosis and Treatment. As a health facility, it bears the responsibility of ensuring clinical care to the university population, in quantity, quality and excellence. This is achieved through the availability, continuity and accessibility of the services offered. The Department of Medical Services aims to promote the good physical, mental and social health of the entire university community, as well as to encourage better lifestyle choices. To achieve the above-mentioned purposes, we develop activities focused on the phases of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of physical and emotional conditions, via our different service units.


  • External Clinic

    We initiate the assessment process and provide diagnoses, treatment and follow-ups for patients. If necessary, we make referrals to specialists.

  • Emergency Room

    Medical evaluation and care is offered. We offer first aid and, if necessary, we refer patients to the Emergency Room closest to campus using our ambulance or transport services. The Emergency Room provides services to the entire university community and visitors.

  • Medical Records

    We initiate and locate the medical records of patients to be clinically evaluated. In addition, we receive the required medical forms from students who have been newly admitted, readmitted, have transferred or moved to campus.

  • Quality of Life

    We provide guidance to the university community on topics related to the promotion of health and safety. We are committed to establishing preventive and educational programs related to the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs and other substances, campus safety and traffic safety. As part of our services, we have the Programa Educativo a Estudiantes Embarazadas (Educational Program for Pregnant Students), where we promote healthy lifestyles, offering free classes to pregnant students, couples and family members, as well as members of adjacent communities who wish to participate. We discuss topics such as the birthing process, breastfeeding, childcare, family planning, and others. The FIESTA II proposal is sponsored by the Traffic Safety Commission, which promotes socio-educational activities aimed at the university community focused on alcohol use prevention, and also encourages respect toward traffic laws and road safety.

Health Insurance Coverage

Basic Plan +
Prescription Drugs
Basic Plan +
Prescription Drugs +
Basic Plan +
Prescription Drugs +
Dental +
Major Medical
Basic Plan +
Prescription Drugs +
Major Medical
Fall Semester //$463
Fall Semester //$596
Fall Semester //$619
Fall Semester //$487
Spring Semester // $649
Spring Semester // $834
Spring Semester // $867
Spring Semester // $681

Contact Information

Located in the first floor of the University Center

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